Voice of Nature

Welcome to the Voice of Nature – an eco-community in the mountains of Serbia, built around shared love for nature.

We provide our guests with a unique experience in eco-camping and developing skills and technologies that support sustainable and healthy lifestyles, ecology, and social entrepreneurship.

We research and develop alternative energy sources and their use in building self-sufficient households. Our camp includes demonstration plots for green energy systems and eco-friendly agriculture.

You can come and join our team, volunteer with our eco-projects, stay at the camp, or permanently relocate to our eco-community: professionals, amateurs, volunteers, visitors, visionaries – as long as you abide by our camp rules: no meat, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no narcotics, no nudity, no swearing or shouting. We also connect people who share the same goals, vision and transition plans.

We practice sports, arts and crafts. Our work so far has been sustained by inspiration, personal investments, volunteer work, and donations.

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